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Maritime and CommercialHighcourt

Civil cases 

Ever since the Court was established in 1862, it has dealt with cases related to business matters.

As the Court’s jurisdiction is continuously expanding, the Court now also deals with:

  • Cases that can be brought directly before the Maritime and Commercial High Court, such as; international commercial cases, intellectual property cases, cases where a consumer ombudsman is one of the parties, and competition cases.
  • Cases that should be brought before District Courts, but that can be referred to the Maritime and Commercial High Court, such as; business related cases of general public importance.
  • Cases that should always be brought before the Maritime and Commercial High Court, such as; Community trademark cases, cases on Community designs, limiting funds, and prohibition orders after the Community Trademark Regulation (Council Regulation (EC) No. 207/2009).

In the Maritime and Commercial High Court, the cases are decided by a panel consisting of one or three of the Court’s professional judges, and two or four assessors.

The Court has around 130 assessors, all who are mostly recommended by business organisations. There are also assessors who have particular experience in consumer affairs, shipping, and employment related matters. All the assessors have gotten a particular insight into one or more of the areas of law that the Court offers, through their work as an assessor.

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